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MSIN0018: Business Research Methods

Taught by
2nd year IMB students only
Term 2
Delivery method
3-hour lecture (x 10 weeks)
Research Presentations (Group) 75%
Research Proposal (Individual) 25%
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Course overview

This module will provide students with the necessary skills to undertake effective business research. Students will develop a critical awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of a range of research strategies and methods commonly used when undertaking business research. During the course students will identify and develop a research question and design an appropriate research strategy. The module equips students with the essential knowledge and skills to successfully plan and implement an independent extended research project (MSIN0067), completed in the final year of the IMB BSc Degree.

The aims of the module are:

·         To provide an understanding of the key concepts in business research methods

·         To develop the skills required to critique published research

·         To share a range of data collection methods used in business research

·         To provide students with practical experience of conducting research

·         To equip students with the essential skills required to undertake an independent extended project.

All sessions will be interactive and include open class and small group discussions and group working. Sessions will include presentations from academics within the School of Management who will present and share their experiences of using different methods of data collection and analysis in business research.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the module, a student will be able to:

  • Identify researchable business related issues
  • Review published research and literature in relation to a chosen area of research.
  • Analyse the wide range of research designs and data collection methods available to the business researcher, and develop skills in the application of these methods.
  • Develop the skills necessary for managing the development and implementation of a small scale research project.
  • Devise a research proposal, suitable for a business-related undergraduate dissertation.

Topics covered

·         Identifying and developing suitable research topic areas

·         Research Design

·         Primary and Secondary research

·         Quantitative research methods

·         Qualitative research methods

·         Presenting data

·         Analyzing data

·         Applying existing literature

·         Critical thinking and writing

·         Writing a research proposal

Assessment summary

Research Presentations (Group) 75%:

First Group Presentation (25%) – Identifying a business related research issue and suitable research methods.

·         Presenting the research issue

·         Presenting a working research question and 3-4 research objectives

  •       Review of relevant literature

·         Presenting and justifying chosen research methods – both quantitative and qualitative in nature

·         Next steps/action plan

Group Presentation (50%) – Poster Presentation of data collected and Presentation of Data Analysis.

·         Present the specific research context (refined research question and objectives)

·         Presentation of both quantitative data and qualitative data collected

·         Data analysis must be critical and detailed, drawing on an identified existing body of knowledge.

  •       Concluding thoughts

Research Proposal (Individual) 25%

The research proposal should provide details of students’ initial ideas of how they plan to complete the module MSIN0067 in Year 3 of the IMB BSc degree and should follow the content and structure given below:

·         Research topic and rational.

·         A short statement outlining reason of interested in this particular area of research.

·         State the research question, research aim and objectives.

·         Outline the existing literature relating to the area of research.

·         Outline the research design in terms of how the research question will be answered and the objectives will be met.

·         Outline any considerations given to accessibility and research ethics.

·         Present a time line of completion showing the planned management of the project.

Current students should refer to Moodle for specific details of the current year’s assessment.

Essential reading

Saunders, M., Lewis, P and Thornhill, A. (2016) Research Methods for Business Students, 7th Edition. Harlow: Pearson.

Past versions of this module

MSIN2004 17/18

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