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Entrepreneurial Strategy


Motivated by a significant disconnect between research, teaching and practice regarding the role of strategy in entrepreneurial ventures, this project aims to define and delineate the scope of entrepreneurial strategy using principles of economics. This includes clarifying the choices and complementarities that shape entrepreneurial strategy, delineating the role of luck and management in entrepreneurship, and developing a choice-oriented process for implementing entrepreneurial strategy.


The research project aims to reshape the unclear and often contradictory debate about the role of strategy and planning in entrepreneurial ventures. Through the development of new theory and collection of careful economic evidence, we offer a new approach that places the choices that entrepreneurs make about creating and capturing value from their ideas at the center of venture design and implementation.

Selected publications

Ching, K. H. S. (2016). Exaptation dynamics and entrepreneurial performance: evidence from the internet video industry. Industrial and Corporate Change. doi:10.1093/icc/dtv052 [link]
Ching, K., Gans, J. S., & Stern, S. (n.d.). Control Versus Execution: Endogenous Appropriability and Entrepreneurial Strategy. Elsevier BV. doi:10.2139/ssrn.2946078 [link]
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Strategy & Entrepreneurship

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Strategic management

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Entrepreneurship; Performance