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With support of a £1.2 Million grant awarded by the TSB, Simcha’s group contributed to the BRITS project by developing new support tools for managers, investors, and policy makers in the cell therapy field. These include a business planning and valuation tool, that produces customised financial valuations for cell therapy projects as well as project-specific risk profiles, development time estimates, and scenario analyses. Simcha’s group also produced case studies of successful cell therapy projects, quantitative analyses of science policy interventions in the cell therapy field, and a qualitative study of the management of work in regenerative medicine laboratories. 


The MS&I BRITS tools have enabled faster and more effective decision making and commercialisation in the cell therapy field. A key impetus for the BRITS project was the uncertainty managers face about optimal business and financial strategies in the commercialisation of cell therapy projects. The tools Simcha’s group developed, and the Executive training he organized around these tools with BRITS collaboration partners (LONZA, LGC, UCL Biochemical Engineering, NHS Technology Adoption Centre, and Lawford Davies Danoon) provide entrepreneurs, managers, investors, funding bodies, technology licensing officers in the cell therapy field with critical decision support tools.

Selected publications

Jong, S. (2014). BRITS cell therapy business planning and valuation tool [Digital scholarly resource]. Retrieved from http://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/brits/.
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Management science; Strategic management

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Business model innovation; Corporate strategy; Decision support systems; Entrepreneurship; Healthcare operations; Innovation; Intellectual property management; Management of science; Management of technology; New product development; R&D management