UCL School of Management

Laura Claus

Lecturer (assistant professor)
Office location
Level 38, 1 Canada Square
Rm SW4


Laura Claus is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Strategy & Entrepreneurship at the UCL School of Management. 

Her research focuses on social entrepreneurship, social movements, social innovation, impact investing, and new organizational forms for development. Laura has a particular interest to understand how organizations can act as social movement entrepreneurs to facilitate social change. As such, her research is positioned at the intersection of organization theory and social movement theory. Over the past years, she has conducted fieldwork on child marriage in Indonesia, an activist organization in Nigeria, and an impact investing initiative in Tanzania. 

Laura holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge and was a research fellow at Stanford University. She has worked with organizations including UNICEF, Plan International, Amnesty International, and impact investment funds. Her work was awarded the prestigious Carolyn B. Dexter Award in 2017.