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MSIN0151: Strategic Project Management


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This is a past version of this module for MSIN0151 18/19.
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7 (Masters)
MM Route A; MSc Business Analytics (MS)
Delivery method
10x 3-hour lectures, and the lectures will all be delivered in one week only.
50% individual essay; 20% group presentation; 30% group assessment
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Course overview

This course aims to introduce the basic principles of project, programme and portfolio (3P) management and how 3P management differs from operational management. It will introduce the key tools and techniques to initiate, plan and manage projects, programmes and portfolios. Portfolio management will be considered in the wider context of business strategy and the external drivers on organisations today. Essential management skills such as leadership, team building and conflict management will be explored in the context of projects and programmes.

The focus is on giving the student a practical framework based on industry experience and standards, in particular the Association for Project Management (APM). Students will have the opportunity to take the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) and gain an industry recognised qualification. The student who wants to take the PFQ needs to pay for the exam and to study the content independently. 

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the module, a student will be able to:

  • Define the characteristics of project, programme and portfolio management and explain how it drives change within organisations
  • Understand the external drivers for change and how they impact 3P management
  • Differentiate between project, programme and portfolio management
  • Identify what makes a successful project or programme
  • Understand tools and techniques in project and programme management and use these to identify good practice within organisations
  • Identify the relevant management skills needed for effective 3P management
  • Identify their own strengths and weaknesses as potential project or programme team leaders, managers or members

Topics covered

  • Definitions of project, programme and portfolio management
  • Links between 3P and business strategy – how external forces influence strategy and how this translates into projects and programmes
  • Programme and project success and failure criteria
  • Governance of the portfolio, projects and programmes – including roles and responsibilities and decision making processes/criteria
  • Key planning tools – work breakdown, scheduling and resource planning
  • Stakeholder analysis and management (including communications)
  • Management skills – leadership, team building and conflict management
  • Benefits – establishing and realizing project and programme benefits
  • Handover to business as usual – embedding change within the organisation

Assessment summary

50% is awarded on the basis of an individual essay. 30% is awarded for one group-based assignment. 20% is awarded for ipresentation of the group coursework.

Current students should refer to Moodle for specific details of the current year’s assessment

Essential reading

The core text is The Handbook of Project Management, Trevor L Young, Revised 2nd Edition, Kogan Page. ISBN 978-0-7494- 4984- 1.

The course provides a copy of the APM Body of Knowledge 6th Edition. Other recommended books are to be provided in the beginning of the course.

Past versions of this module

MSIN0151 18/19

MSING101B 17/18

MSING101B 16/17

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