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MSING044: Healthcare Entrepreneurship


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Taught by
Nasrin Hafezparest
Cosima Gretton
MSc Technology Entrepreneurship
Delivery method
10 x 3-hour sessions
100% field research project

Course overview

This course provides a roadmap of the health care ecosystem, and focuses in on those areas most relevant to building health technology companies.

It introduces the evolution and structure of the health care system and current issues it faces. The course will focus on understanding the complex nature of managing and improving health by examining different players in the health system and the challenges specific to them. The changing relationships between patients, clinicians, providers, commissioners/payors, insurers and the government will be explored in depth.

From a system perspective, the course will cover reimbursement and incentive models, and how they impact innovation and health technology businesses.  The course will provide an understanding of current use of information systems, informatics and data, whilst exploring what this could look like in the future.

From a patient perspective, the course will cover the importance of understanding the outcomes that matter to people, the principles of population segmentation, and core design and usability challenges when focusing on people’s health.

Creating a strong foundation of the dynamic components of the health system will enable students to build truly innovative technology companies.

The course will provide examples of both B2C and B2B healthcare models and work through the numerous challenges of starting up in health care. Through case studies and guest speakers the course will draw on real stories from health technology entrepreneurs and industry experts. The course will also explore emerging technologies and what their role might be in the future of health care.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the module, a student will be able to:

  • Have a clearer view of the roles and relationships in the health care system, and the drivers that will influence their business.
  • Understand how different reimbursement mechanisms can impact health technology and innovation
  • Understand the debate for evidence and regulatory approval in health technology and innovation
  • Be able to iterate their business model canvas with knowledge of revenue models and channels unique to healthcare
  • Be able to develop and articulate value propositions for patients, clinicians and health care organisations
  • Understand the importance of design, user experience and the psychology of health behaviour
  • Recognise the specific challenges to innovating in healthcare

Topics covered

  • Evolution, structure and current issues in the health care system
  • Understanding the patient, clinician, commissioner and provider perspective
  • Reimbursement and incentive models in health care
  • Information systems, informatics and data in health care
  • Design and user experience in health care products and services
  • Regulatory, governance and privacy challenges in healthcare
  • Emerging technologies and their role in the transformation of health care

Assessment summary

100% field research project

Essential reading

Wachter, R.M., 2015. The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype, and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine’s Computer Age. McGraw-Hill Education.

Clayton, M., J. H. G. Christensen, and J. Hwang. “The Innovator’s Prescription: a Disruptive Solution for Health.” (2008).

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