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MSIN0099: Entrepreneurial Marketing


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7 (Masters)
MSc Entrepreneurship students only
1 or 2
Delivery method
10 x 3-hour lectures
40% group project; 60% individual project
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Course overview

This module introduces the key marketing concepts and methods relevant to startups and early stage entrepreneurs, and students are furnished with tools and frameworks to apply these concepts to a start-up venture in a practical and effective way.

The first marketing challenge when testing and launching a start-up is building the initial crowd of customers on a very limited budget. With that in mind, this course kicks off with methods to build this early tribe by creating a brand that resonates with a target customer group, then dives into the marketing tactics that can be utilised to reach early customers. Students will also learn how to develop a clear objective-led marketing plan for a later stage start-up; develop an understanding of online and offline marketing channels; and learn how to utilise data and analytics tools in order to make decisions about the effectiveness of the marketing activities being utilised.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Define a target market, test this market and forecast customer lifetime value;
  • Create a clear brand positioning to engage early customers;
  • Develop objective-led, customer-focused marketing plans for different startup stages;
  • Prioritise marketing tactics based on business stage and marketing objective;
  • Create an online and offline presence and complete relevant marketing activities effectively;
  • Set specific, measurable and actionable marketing metrics and use them to improve activities.

Topics covered

  • It’s all about the target customer for marketing
  • Understanding differentiation, markets and pricing
  • Branding to make a big impact and attract early customers
  • Marketing tactics to test a business idea for traction
  • Real world analytics - focusing on the KPIs that matter
  • Building an objective-led marketing strategy
  • Online channels in detail
  • Growth marketing tactics - building traction beyond testing
  • Customer retention, recurrence and referral
  • Effective sales and marketing management skills

Assessment summary

40% group project; 60% individual project.

Current students should refer to Moodle for specific details of the current year’s assessment.

Past versions of this module

MSIN0099 18/19

MSING058 17/18

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