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MSINGP99: Business Case Analysis and Application Project


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This is a past version of this module for MSINGP99 16/17.
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MSc Pharmaceutical Formulation and Entrepreneurship students only
Delivery method
One-on-one supervision meetings with assigned supervisors
Written Report 85%
Oral Presentation 15%

Course overview

This module is an opportunity to undertake an independent project to investigate the feasibility or non-feasibility of a new business opportunity in the field of pharmaceuticals.

Students will systematically gather and analyse data to draw conclusions, with the assistance of academic supervisors and will be paired with mentors from industry. This will also provide students with an opportunity to apply skills developed in entrepreneurship through the taught components of the course to a real life problem.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the module, and upon sucessfull completion of the dissertation, students will understand:

  • How to apply a range of frameworks and tools to real life problems;
  • How to identify and appraise potential markets, business strategies, and competitors;
  • How do undertake a rigorous analysis of real life date to determine if a new business opportunity is feasible;
  • Understand how to conduct research and analysis towards assessing the market feasibility of a pharmaceutical formulation;
  • Understand the challenges of gathering reliable and accurate data and reaching decisions on the basis of partial information and within time constraints
  • How to report the data arising from such considerations.

Topics covered

There are no teaching sessions, and students will work mostly via private readings and independent project work.

  • Market feasibility and non-feasibility
  • Financial feasibility
  • Business models
  • Marketing and sales
  • Investor readiness

Assessment summary

This module will be assessed by:

Written report 85%

Oral presentation (10 min.) 15%

Essential reading

The following readings are recommended:

  • Science lessons: what the business taught me about management, Binder and Bashe. April 2008. Harvard Business Press. ISBN: 9781591398615
  • Building Global Biobrands: taking biotechnology to market. Simon, Kotler. 2009. Free Press. ISBN: 9781439172902

Past versions of this module

MSIN0130 18/19

MSINGP99 17/18

MSINGP99 16/17

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