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MSIN3018: Study Year Abroad Project


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Successful completion of years 1 and 2 of the IMB programme, linguistic competence (where appropriate) and satisfactory completion of the UCL Study Abroad Office preparatory programme
Students must be enrolled on the MSci Information Management for Business or MSci Management Science programme and usually have obtained a minimum 2.1 average by the end of year 2/time of departure.
1, 2, 3
Delivery method
Lectures, seminars, tutorials, presentations, coursework, laboratory sessions and other teaching methods as stipulated by the host institution
A variety of methods as stipulated by host institution combined to form one single mark worth 4 course units

Course overview

Students taking a study year abroad will have the opportunity to gain insights into how the Information Management for Business subjects are taught, learned, applied and evaluated in a different location, country, institution and culture. Students will have access to high level teaching and research expertise from outside UCL whilst experiencing education in a different cultural setting. Students will study a combination of modules reflecting as closely as possible the equivalent programme of study at UCL.

Students must register for the study abroad programme by completing and submitting a Study Abroad Approval Form to the Study Abroad Team by the end of the autumn term of their second year.

During the spring term, students will participate in the Study Abroad Preparation Programme, the successful completion of which is a prerequisite for progression to the period of study abroad.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the study abroad year, it is expected that students will have followed a programme of study of an appropriate breadth and depth to enable them to progress to Year 4 of the MSci Information Management for Business. At the same time it is expected that students would have benefited from the experience of studying in a different educational, cultural and possibly linguistic environment. Students’ educational experience both at the host institution and once back at UCL should be enhanced and enriched through improved international awareness and understanding and experience.

Topics covered

Students will identify the host institution and the programme of study and agree this in conjunction with the IMB Course Director and the Departmental Tutor.  When making module selections, students should choose a programme which is as closely aligned as possible with the programme they would have followed during the UCL 3rd year on the MSci Information Management for Business (PN11). For those students who opt for it, the study abroad year replaces the UCL 3rd year and hence forms an integral part of the IMB programme.

The programme of study should be substantially composed of courses in business and management and computer science. In addition, students may take modules outside these areas, just as they would at UCL. Students should not feel restricted to studying entirely identical UCL modules but rather take advantage of subjects not offered at UCL to enrich their subject knowledge as far as possible.

The programme should be of equal workload to that of the UCL 3rd year, that is, using accepted equivalence measures, be of 4 units. It will be formally assessed by the host institutions with the results of assessment independently reported to the Study Abroad Tutor (Course Director).

Assessment summary

A variety of assessment methods will be used to evaluate students as stipulated by the host institution. It is expected that these will include a combination of some or all of the following and will be dependent on the host institution and module choice: written examinations, multiple choice question papers, written coursework, individual essays, reports, group work, presentations, class participation.

All module results will be combined into a single overall mark for the year which will be translated into an equivalent UCL grade. Note that different institutions have different marking schemes and grade boundaries.

Students must obtain an overall average of at least 50% in order to progress to year 4 of the MSci programme.

Essential reading

Students must refer to the UCL Study Abroad web pages for further information on the application procedures, requirements and possible destinations.


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