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MSIN3007: Extra-Mural Year (EMY)


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Taught by
Successful completion of two years of undergraduate study if taking BSc; successful completion of three years if taking MSci
BSc/MSci IMB and BSci/MSci Management Science students only (students must be in penultimate year of study)
Terms 1, 2, & 3
Delivery method
Work on employers’ premises
Delivery of report and project presentation (100%)

Course overview

Over the period of their undergraduate studies, Information Management for Business (IMB) students will have worked both individually and also together in groups on a variety of topics and subjects, and towards many different aims and objectives and purposes.

The purpose of the extra mural year (EMY) is to develop the student experience to date and to set it in a fully (or at least partially) operational, commercial, managerial or otherwise critical setting.

This normally involves the student taking a substantial placement (one year) in an organisation. This placement is agreed between student and the IMB course tutor/director, and/or the SoM departmental tutor.

The EMY provides the opportunity to have specific work carried out, under formalised and regulated conditions, in a period that combines study and work, and the application of study to work. Additionally the intention is to ensure that this part of the student experience is formally recognised for the purposes of their own achievements while following the IMB course.

Learning outcomes

As the result of following this course and pursuing the EMY, the students gain the following:

  • experience of working in a substantial role and to a substantial brief, that relates the course/programme content to the demands of organisational practice and priorities

  • experience of integrating learning with practice

  • experience of receiving encouragement, criticism, praise and feedback from independent and non-university sources

  • foundations of expertise and effectiveness in relating knowledge and understanding to professional practice

  • foundations of expertise in delivering work to a commercially viable and acceptable standard

Topics covered

  • Organisations and their environment

  • Problem and issue diagnosis

  • Using analyses and instruments

  • Managing the work/study interface

  • Confronting cultural and behavioural issues

  • Evaluating groups and team dynamics

  • Presentation and reporting skills

  • Managing a workload

  • Establishing parameters

  • Evaluating reporting relations

  • Delivering work to professional standards

  • Evaluating experiences

Assessment summary

Production and delivery of the report and EMY evaluation in accordance with any agreed brief and to the standards required by the department and where necessary or appropriate, the host organisation. The work; and presentation of the evaluation, is required to show what the student gained from the experience, an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, and integration of study with the work carried out.

Report to be submitted in August/September following completion of the year in industry/internship.

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