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Module Fact Sheet

MSING033: International Financial Reporting

Taught by
MSc Management Route B, SoM PGT affiliate students
Term 1
Delivery method
3-hour lecture and seminar block (x 10 weeks)
40% 2-hour unseen exam 15% individual test and 45% group assignment

Course overview


This module provides an appreciation of the key issues in international financial reporting and financial analysis. This module covers the fundamentals managers and analysts require to understand, interpret and use financial information.

The core elements of this module are: understanding the financial reporting challenges of multinational companies; comparing and contrasting accounting regulatory frameworks around the world; the preparation and interpretation of consolidated financial statements; exploring and evaluating how different jurisdictions recognise, measure and disclose various items such as goodwill; and performing and deciphering financial analysis.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the module, a student will be able to:

  • Understand and critique the IASB’s conceptual framework;

  • Explain the progress of international harmonization;

  • Prepare a set of consolidated financial statements;

  • Understand recognition, measurement and disclosure issues in relation to selected elements of the financial statements;

  • Demonstrate and explain how different international accounting treatments affect an entity’s financial position; and

  • Analyse and interpret financial information.

Topics covered

  • Accounting regulation and the conceptual framework

  • International harmonization

  • Preparation of financial statements

  • Accounting for income statement items

  • Accounting for balance sheet items

  • Consolidated financial statements

  • Cash flow statements

  • Reporting for operating segments

  • Issues in financial reporting in multinationals

  • Earnings management

  • Financial statement analysis

Assessment summary

40% awarded on the basis of your examination result of an unseen 2-hour unseen exam at the end of Term 1. 15% is awarded for an individual test to be administered during the term and 45% awarded for a group assignment to be submitted at the end of Term 1.

Essential reading

Alexander, David and Nobes, Christopher (2016). Financial Accounting: An International Introduction. 6th Ed. Harlow, United Kingdom: Pearson Education. ISBN - 978 1 292 10299 3

Past versions of this module

MSING033 18/19

MSING033 16/17

Last updated Wednesday, 28 June 2017