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MSIN0180: Quantitative Methods for Business

Taught by
BSc Information for Management Business students
Delivery method
2-hour lecture and 1-hour weekly seminar (x 10 weeks)
Exam 80%. Take-Home Programming Task 10%. Online Maths Test 10%.
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Course overview

A successful approach to problem solving in the business arena requires confidence in applying mathematics to model and understand real world scenarios.

This module introduces calculus and numerical methods. The presentation is done in a traditional maths style. Mathematical theory will be supported with business examples and opportunity to write programs to solve mathematical problems.


Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the module, a student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of important topics in calculus at a theoretical level.
  • Confidently apply mathematical methods learned, to solve investment and finance-based problems.
  • Appreciate that solutions to complex problems require IT skills.
  • Use the numerical methods acquired with existing programming skills to model problems encountered in the business world.

Topics covered


Functions and Limits; Transcendental and trigonometric functions. Time Value of Money and applications to finance problems, compounding and discounting. Differentiation, Taylor series expansion, Integration. Multivariate Calculus – partial differentiation, chain rules, higher dimensional Taylor series and applications to investment banking. Complex Numbers. First and second order differential equations. Numerical methods - root finding; numerical Integration; linear systems

Assessment summary

Exam 80%. Take-Home Programming Task 10%. Online Maths Test 10%.

Current students should refer to Moodle for specific details of the current year’s assessment.

Essential reading

Edward Dowling; Schaum’s Outline of Calculus for Business, Economics, and The Social Sciences. McGraw-Hill Education (1990)

Gilbert Strang; Differential Equations and linear algebra 9th Edition. Wellesley-Cambridge Press, UK edition (2015)

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