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Module Fact Sheet

MSIN0052: Law for Managers

Taught by
2nd, 3rd, 4th year undergraduates from all departments
Term 2
Delivery method
2-hour lecture (x 10 weeks) and 1-hour seminar (x 9 weeks)
70% unseen 3-hour examination; 30% coursework
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Course overview

This module examines the application of legal considerations to the activities of organisations. The focus is on a practical approach to legal issues and problems that arise. If I want to start a business what structures are available to me, such as forming a company? When is a legal contract formed, how can it be breached and what remedies may be available? What rights do employees have in the workplace, particularly in relation to dismissal, redundancy and discrimination? How does the English Legal System work? How can my valuable original work be protected from imitation and what are copyrights and patents?

Learning outcomes

  • Upon successful completion of this module, a student will have learnt:

  • how the legal system as a whole operates

  • how the legal framework of an organisation operates

  • how to provide and apply relevant law to problem scenarios

  • how the law works in practice as well as in theory

  • to recognise potential legal liabilities of an organisation

  • the basic principles of all the topic areas

Topics covered

  • Introduction to the English legal system (2 weeks)

  • infrastructure of a business organisation

  • employment law

  • discrimination law

  • intellectual property

  • contract law (2 weeks)

  • Health and safety law

  • consumer law

Assessment summary

70% exam, in the summer term, which is an unseen 3-hour paper. 30% coursework assessments.

Current students should refer to Moodle for specific details of the current year’s assessment.

Essential reading

Business Law by Kelly, Hayward, Hammer and Hendy. Latest edition, currently 6th edition, published by Routledge.

Past versions of this module

MSIN0052 18/19

MSIN7005 17/18

MSIN7005 16/17

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